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Honoring staff service: 11th Annual Stanford Celebrates You event

Within our vibrant and innovative landscape, our honorees have been instrumental in driving the projects, programs, and initiatives that make Stanford special.

Congratulations to the more than 250 Stanford staff who celebrated 25 years or more of service in 2023. We are excited to honor these employees at the 11th annual Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers event in April. University leaders, honorees, and their guests will gather at Bing Auditorium to recognize continuous or bridged service of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, or 55 years.

Within the vibrant and innovative landscape of Stanford University, our 2024 honorees have been instrumental in driving numerous impactful projects, programs, and initiatives, actively enhancing the well-being and experiences of students, faculty, and staff. These endeavors reflect the dedication, creativity, and collaborative spirit of individuals who have contributed significantly to the university's mission and community.

Eric Montell, a 25-year honoree, has played a key role in the Stanford Food Institute, which focuses on the nexus of food, health, and the environment. Julia Hartung, a 30-year honoree, has supported new undergraduate initiatives like COLLEGE and the FLI Opportunity Fund. These projects represent just a fraction of the myriad initiatives driven by our 2024 honorees and their dedication to excellence and innovation.

Congratulate our 2024 honorees

Learn more about our 2024 honorees and show your support by writing a congratulatory message on Cardinal at Work. While all honorees were invited to create a profile, some may have elected not to have one.

Watch a livestream of the celebration

To celebrate along with your colleagues, watch a livestream of the ceremony through Vimeo on Tuesday, April 16, at 2:00 p.m. PT.  Honorees who are unable to attend in person have been invited to participate and be recognized via the livestream. The event will be hosted by long-time Stanford Celebrates You event emcee Victor Madrigal, director for the Stanford Alumni Association. Elizabeth Zacharias, vice president for Human Resources, will celebrate the honorees alongside  Provost Emeritus John Etchemendy and Lloyd Minor, MD, dean of the School of Medicine. 

Learn more about the Recognizing Staff Careers event and our honorees by visiting the  Stanford Celebrates You web page.

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