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Community Celebrations and Photo Galleries

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Part of the Cardinal at Work experience is the value we place on collaboration and connectedness. 

There are many ways we celebrate at Stanford—from the annual traditions that are part of our academic and research community to the workplace recognition and appreciation programs that honor your contributions to our mission.

And there is so much more to celebrate about each of us. Our individual heritage, identities, and experiences outside of work can come to work with us. And who better to tell everyone about you…than you!

Download Our Backgrounds, Upload Your Own to Share

Virtual backgrounds are a great way to express yourself. We are creating and collecting artwork this year for many cultural events and celebrations. But we know there is more to showcase. We invite you to contribute to this library by uploading a Zoom or desktop background that reflects a cultural celebration or holiday that is meaningful to you.

Upload your virtual background 

NOTE: When we create Zoom virtual backgrounds, we are now applying a white graphic element in the top left corner, which allows the reactions and emojis you use in your meetings to stand out more, increasing the visibility of all emoji skin colors.

About This Page

We look forward to building this library together with you. Please share with us the celebrations we are missing, and know this list may not yet be complete as we will add to it continually. If you have questions or additions, email the HR Communications team ( 


Spring Quarter

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month - Zoom background
Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month - Zoom background

Other events this quarter

  • Autism Awareness Month, April
  • Passover, April
  • Easter, April
  • Earth Day, April
  • Jewish American Heritage Month, May
  • Mental Health Awareness Month, May
  • LGBTQIA + PRIDE Month, June
  • Juneteenth

View more art in the Spring Celebrations gallery

Winter Quarter

Black History Month - Zoom background
Black History Month - Zoom background

Other events this quarter

  • Holocaust Remembrance, January
  • Heart Health Month, February
  • Developmental Disabilities Month, March
  • Ramadan, March to April
  • Holi, March

View more art in the Winter Celebrations gallery

Summer Quarter

Independence Day - Zoom background
Independence Day - Zoom background

Other events this quarter

  • July 4, Independence Day, July
  • Women’s Equality Day, August
  • Labor Day (U.S.), September 
  • Latinx Heritage Month, Sept-Oct
  • Rosh Hashana, September

View more art in the Summer Celebrations gallery

Fall Quarter

Día de los Muertos - Zoom background
Día de los Muertos - Zoom background

Other events this quarter

  • World Mental Health Day, October
  • Indigenous People’s Day, October
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month, October
  • Native American Heritage Month, November
  • Veterans Day, November
  • Día de los Muertos, November
  • Democracy Day, November
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance, November
  • Hanukkah, December
  • Christmas, December
  • Kwanzaa, December - January 

View more art in the Fall Celebrations gallery

Virtual backgrounds to download and use

Share your commitment to The IDEAL Learning Journey

To show your support for learning together how to improve our workplace so everyone feels respected, safe, valued and feels they belong, download a Learning Journey background from the Diversity & Inclusion section of Cardinal at Work