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Manager Learning Journey

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Self-paced learning. Virtual workshops. Inclusive dialog. The IDEAL Learning Journey.

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About the Manager Learning Journey

Self-paced learning

The manager learning journey begins with self-paced learning, and you've been pre-enrolled in STARS. You'll start with an orientation, then take two or more of the brief Harvard Implicit Association Tests, and participate in e-learning courses. After this component is completed, you're able to enroll in the virtual, interactive workshops.

Visit the self-paced learning webpage for details about this component.

Included in the self-paced learning are e-learning courses; two are for all participants in The IDEAL Learning Journey, with one additional e-learning courses specifically for managers. Here's a description of all three:

  • Course 1: Implicit Bias and its Impact describes how the brain uses shortcuts and schemas to process stimuli; explains how attitudes, stereotypes, and biases form; describes and cites ways in which implicit bias affects daily actions; compares the cause/effect relationship of implicit bias, and identifies common forms of workplace biases. Time commitment: Approximately 60 minutes.
  • Course 2Debiasing Techniques recognizes situations wherein an individual is prone to the influence of bias; reviews external factors that influence the bias; evaluates the influence of bias on the decision-making process; provides counterexamples and stereotype replacements, and aids in constructing a personal plan for managing the influence of implicit bias. Time commitment: Approximately 60 minutes.

For people managers, one additional e-learning course is included:

  • Course 3: Managing Bias in Hiring focuses on design and implementation procedures and structures that protect against the influence of bias during hiring, such as utilizing diverse search networks and hiring committees, tracking demographics at each stage, blinding resumes, crafting appropriate candidate evaluations, and more. Time commitment: Approximately 20 minutes.

All e-learning is accessed through STARS, on your "All Learning" page.

Want a graphic overview of the e-learning courses? (NOTE: Login to the Google shared document with your Stanford email)

View the e-learning courses "primer"

Workshops (virtual and interactive)

After you have completed Part 1: Self-paced learning, you are able to self-enroll in the manager workshops. Manager workshops will regularly be offered between April and October 2022 in an effort to ensure the majority of Stanford managers complete all components of The IDEAL Learning Journey. 

Content in the two virtual and interactive workshops for those who are in people manager roles is specifically focused on leading others. Each workshop includes time to focus on how to put new concepts, learnings, insights, and practical approaches into action with your team.

 Workshop 1: The Foundations of Racial Equity

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore how racial inequities and racism show up today, both on campus and in our communities, and what can be done to advance racial equity and belonging. Following the workshop, participants will be more familiar with the importance of committing to diversity and inclusion, personal growth, and action. The workshop will also include a Framework for Race Conversations that will help participants move beyond listening and learning and help set the foundation for productive race-based conversations using real-life examples of racial inequities.  

The workshop will introduce the “FLEX” framework for inclusive leadership. The FLEX framework promotes self-awareness and self-management while bringing attention to unconscious bias and personal blind spots. Participants will practice incorporating the framework concepts which will prepare them to champion openness, safety, and accountability in race dialogue. People managers will also learn about the manager’s role in cultivating inclusive teams.  

Pre-work for The Foundations of Racial Equity

Time commitment: 38 mins

  1. Review e-learning modules 1, 2, and 4 (5 mins)
  2. Toya Webb: Dismantling Microaggressions Through the Power of Connection | TED Talk (11 mins)
  3. Understanding My Privilege | Sue Borrego | TEDxPasadenaWomen - YouTube (12 mins)
  4. Stanford DEI IDEAL Report; pay special attention to Section 2: Sense of Belonging & Microaggressions data (10 mins)

Workshop 2: Allyship in Action

This workshop covers actionable steps and sustainable strategies for allyship and advocacy. Through interactive theater scenarios and discussion, participants will gain a better understanding of how to maintain allyship, promote and sustain anti-racism, and how to do so within their spheres of influence. The conversations that take place during this workshop will provide clarity on tangible actions to take, to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. Following the workshop, participants will have gained tools to enhance their allyship and anti-racism practices on campus and beyond.

Each workshop includes time to focus on how to put new concepts, learnings, insights, and practical approaches into action with your team.

Pre-work for Allyship in Action

Time commitment: 30 mins

  1. Review e-learning modules 3 and 5 (5 mins)
  2. 3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace | Melinda Epler - YouTube (10 mins)
  3. Fear of Being Different Stifles Talent ( (5 mins)
  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable | Luvvie Ajayi Jones (10 mins)

Post-work for Allyship in Action

Time commitment: 28 mins

  1. On Diversity: Access Ain’t Inclusion | Anthony Jack | TEDxCambridge (13 mins)
  2. Conversation-Roadblocks-Infographic-Print.pdf ( (15 mins)

Workbook for the workshops

Key content from the workshops is included in the workbook, which is posted in a Google shared drive. To access, login with your Stanford account (if you are logged into Google with a personal Gmail account, you will not be able to access the workbook.)

View or download the workbook

After the workshops are completed

Self-assessment "retake"

After completing Workshop 2, you will be prompted to repeat the self-assessment (the same self-assessment you took at the beginning of your journey). 

Post-Workshop Survey

Your opinion matters! You'll receive an invitation to spend a few minutes completing a brief survey on self-paced learning to help improve the experience for others.

At any time, explore curated resources to bolster your learning

You decide what topics/videos/articles to explore and how much time you are able to devote.

The resources were handpicked for the learning journey but are a sampling of the many resources available related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. These resources cover a range of topics related to the learning journey, such as systemic racism, pronouns, the social model of disability, gender identity and expression, and more.

Time commitment: approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of resources reviewed. View the resources

How to get help throughout the learning journey

Please submit a help request for The IDEAL Learning Journey if you need any support.

The IDEAL Learning Journey help request