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The Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Stress & Anxiety @Work - Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (Session 2 of 7)

Event Details:

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
3:10pm - 4:00pm PST

This event is open to:

Staff - Academic
Staff - Managers

There are many benefits for mindfulness including stress reduction, improving physical and mental health, as well as improved focus, improved memory, and better sleep, just to name a few! Equally importantly, mindfulness meditation opens our perspectives and helps us be in harmony with our community and the planet, expanding our capacity to be empathetic and compassionate.

Isn't it time we bring these benefits to our workday? Let's improve our ability to manage the stress and anxiety associated with today's demanding work environment and the challenges of remote and hybrid work. Let us intervene and put a stop to burnout sooner than later. In this seven-session course, which includes talks, mindfulness practices, and lively discussions, we will cover the fundamentals of mindfulness and how mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety at work, and how it can equip us with the tools we need to notice symptoms of burnout and address them skillfully. This course is intended for people who are eager to grow and develop skillful means to navigate these challenges. We welcome workers of all backgrounds and experiences, and we hope to have a diverse cohort to share this journey with.

This session is virtual and interactive.

Course Code in STARS: TOD-7940

Cost (use STAP funds): $200 

Drop Policy:
If you drop a class within two business days before the class start date, you will be charged the full course fee (if applicable) + $75

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