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Design Your Time: Managing Your Time, Resources and Personal Wellness (2 part series)

Course overview:
In today’s rapidly changing workplace, successful Stanford employees adopt a productivity mindset and identify ways to intentionally boost actions and increase the output of our work. Instead of operating in reactive mode, especially when resources are tight, the most impactful employees apply distinct strategies to achieve results. By methodically removing obstacles to productivity for ourselves, and engineering our own time, we can dramatically increase productivity, reduce stress, and maximize execution.

This course will help learners:
- Identify and discuss strategies to reduce barriers to personal efficacy
- Learn strategies to feel more motivation and engagement in their work
- Practice approaches to design the day to focus on what matters most

Format: Two sessions; Main session (2.5 hours) and Follow-up session (1 hour)

Course fee: $200

Instructor: The People Piece

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