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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotionally intelligent leaders bring out the best in their teams.

Course overview:
Whether we’re at home or at work, our emotions are woven into our every interaction. They influence how we react to challenges and opportunities. They determine whether or not we collaborate to resolve conflict. They prompt our willingness to forgive ourselves and others. And as we move through our days, our emotions play a role in the amount of effort we demonstrate, our psychological health, and our moods.

Emotional intelligence is defined as our capacity to be aware of, to control, and to express these emotions. The ability to connect emotionally with employees is essential for leadership effectiveness. In part, that’s because the way a leader makes you feel can impact your engagement as well as your productivity.

Leaders at every level in an organization benefit from high emotional intelligence.

If employees are committed and engaged, they’re more productive, which positively impacts organizational profitability. And engagement is especially critical during times of uncertainty and disruption.

Managers who show more empathy toward direct reports are viewed as better performers in their job by their bosses. But when leaders lack critical people skills, employees experience more daily stress, dissatisfaction, and disengagement — and productivity plummets. Building those skills requires increasing self-awareness, strong active listening skills, and a willingness to learn and recognize triggers. Emotional intelligence leadership training can help. 

This course will help learners with:
- Self-awareness
- Self-management
- Social awareness
- Relationship management

Format: One (1) 4-hour session

Course fee: $200

Instructor: Center for Creative Leadership

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Emotional Intelligence Training - Thursday, March 14, 2024


Emotional Intelligence Training - Tuesday, April 30, 2024