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Intelligent Risk-Taking (2 part series)

From Vision to Action

Course overview:
To keep pace with customers, organizations are challenged to make highly risky decisions in a fast-moving, continually changing environment. In order to capitalize on opportunities, we need to minimize time spent on analysis and decrease the probability and/or consequences of failure. Any organization, team, or individual involved in innovation or change will benefit from learning and applying a process for making intelligent risk decisions. Risk means taking action under conditions where key variables and potential outcomes are unknown and could prove to be negative — yet where not taking action could lead to paralysis and ultimate failure. Intelligent risk-taking, as difficult as it can be, is essential to innovation and change leadership.

Intelligent Risk-Taking™ provides you with practical tools and processes to identify your own risk-taking style and compare it to others. You will apply a framework for making intelligent decisions about which risks to take and when, and how to adjust the level and impact of risk. You will develop ideas for improving your own and your team’s entrepreneurial risk-taking and for influencing others to support your risk-taking efforts.

This course has mandatory prework that includes gathering survey responses from colleagues; you will receive the prework in your email within two weeks of the course date.

Format: Two (2) 3-hour sessions

Course fee: $150

Instructor: Nelson Soken, Barnes & Conti

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Intelligent Risk-Taking - Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (Session 1 of 2)


Intelligent Risk-Taking - Wednesday, December 6, 2023 (Session 2 of 2)