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Introduction to Service Design

At Stanford, we all provide many services to our community of students, faculty, and staff. Service Design
is a human-centered design approach to creating good service experiences.
In this training, you will learn the core concepts and methods of Service Design through an interactive,
hands-on course.

-The course is offered over Zoom, and consists of three, 3-hour sessions (9 hours of teaching time total),
spread over two weeks.
-Individuals or teams can participate, and will be choosing a real-life service from their
work to use throughout the course.

Topics covered
Session 1
-An introduction to Service Design (Lecture)
-Know your users (Build empathy by creating Personas)
-User interviews (Participants plan for user interviews)

Homework between session 1 and 2: Interview your users

Session 2
-Journey Mapping (participants create journey maps from interviews)
-Service Blueprinting (participants map the backstage processes, systems, and people
involved in delivering the service)

Session 3
-Harvesting Opportunities (participants identify opportunity areas for service improvement)
-Ideation (Participants brainstorm using "How might we" statements, and evaluate ideas
using a 2x2 framework to prioritize)
-Action Planning (students create action plans to move forward with their ideas for improvement)

Who it's for:
This class can benefit people in many roles, including but not at all limited to:
-Service managers/owners, product managers/owners
-Staff delivering front-line service to their constituents
-Staff who are part of service delivery (developers, managers, individual contributors)


Reach out to if you have questions about the class

$300 course fee. STAP eligible

This class is facilitated by the Stanford Improvement, Analytics, and Innovation Services team. You can learn more about them here:

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