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Share your commitment

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Use these visuals to share your commitment with others as we learn together how to improve our workplace so everyone feels respected, safe, valued and feels they belong.

Virtual backgrounds for meetings

  • Three backgrounds are available below. Use the virtual backgrounds to:
    • Show your support and commitment to learning together to have a diverse, equitable and inclusive community
    • Display as your background in meetings when you are sharing what you are learning with colleagues/within your team
    • Display as your background if you are presenting about The IDEAL Learning Journey

To download a virtual background

Click on an image to view it in its entirety. Right-click on an image and select "Save image as" to save it to your desktop. Once in Zoom, click “Choose Virtual Background” then click “+” or “Add Image” to navigate to the saved image(s) so you can upload to Zoom.

Emojis in Slack

Use one or both of the new emojis to:

  • Update your status when you are participating in the self-paced learning components
  • Update your status when you are attending the interactive workshops
  • When you send or respond to Slack posts about The IDEAL Learning Journey

In Slack, search for either of these emojis to share your commitment and support for this learning experience:

  • "learning-journey"
  • "learning-together"