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Syllabus for The IDEAL Learning Journey

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The IDEAL Learning Journey is a flexible experience to help you build awareness and strengthen skills and abilities to apply positive approaches in your daily interactions, so we all feel a sense of inclusion and belonging with the following learning components. View the invitation from our President and Provost that launched this experience. 

Self-Paced learning components include:

  • An Orientation video
  • Foundations with self-reflection journaling, and
  • e-learning modules

Self-paced learning components are followed by:

  • A Workshop series on Racial Equity and Allyship
  • Open discussions to connect and share their experiences with your colleagues

Please note that self-paced learning and workshops are necessary components to complete the learning journey.

System Demo

View a brief system demonstration (1:16) of how to use STARS for The IDEAL Learning Journey.

Self-paced Learning

1.1 Orientation (25 min)

The IDEAL Learning Journey Orientation

1.2 Pre-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

1.3 Foundations (30 min)

A curated list of resources (articles and videos) to explore

1.4 e-learning

1.4.1:  e-learning: Implicit Bias and Its Impact (60 min)
1.4.2 e-learning: Debiasing Techniques (60 min)
1.4.3 e-learning: Managing Bias in Hiring (60 min) for people managers only



2.1 Workshop 1: The Foundations of Racial Equity

2.2 Workshop 2: Allyship in Action

2.3 Post-Journey Self-Assessment (10 min)

2.4 Survey: The IDEAL Learning Journey (5 min)


Open Discussion Groups

The purpose of these Open Discussion Groups is to offer a space for learners to discuss their feelings, learning experiences and to collaborate with others as we all work on taking meaningful action in your work setting. Participation is optional.