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The IDEAL Learning Journey

IDEAL learning journey graphic with people helping each other

The IDEAL long-range vision initiative (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment) is a consolidated effort to create an inclusive and equitable university for all our members. Learn more about this university-wide initiative on the IDEAL website.

A pilot, The IDEAL Learning Journey, was held in summer quarter, 2021. Approximately 250 staff will participate and share feedback about the experience. After an evaluation and changes based on participant feedback, the goal is to offer the learning journey university-wide. We've created an information sheet and talking points to support local discussions and updates.

Why we’re experiencing this learning journey

To ensure all staff, including leadership, build their self-awareness of and are educated about biases, racism and injustice, microaggressions, diversity and social justice and how it shows up at Stanford, and have the skills necessary for changing their behaviors and habits toward creating an inclusive environment where staff feels safe to speak up and stand up to racism.

About the journey

As depicted in the graphic above, a comprehensive learning journey will be piloted, and we are grateful to the staff who are piloting this experience. The pilot learning journey consists of:

  • An orientation session and foundational work including a self-assessment, articles to read, and several videos to view

  • Five e-learning courses

    • Managers have one additional online learning course on managing bias in hiring

  • Workshops that are live, interactive sessions on racial consciousness, race conversations, and allyship in action

  • Managers have two additional workshops: race conversations for leaders, and allyship in action for leaders

  • Self-reflection and opportunities to give learning journey feedback are throughout

  • Facilitated debrief at the completion of the learning journey

  • Action planning to make a positive difference

The learning journey will promote learning, discussing, and committing to actions to change our culture. Participants will be invited to join a small "journey squad" with four other participants to share discussion and reflections with throughout the experience. The pilot includes approximately 12-14 hours of time commitment over an 8-10 week time period. 

Frequently asked questions

A set of frequently asked questions includes additional context and details about the experience.

University-wide launch for the journey

As the IDEAL Learning Journey pilot concludes and plans are finalized to launch the learning journey for all staff at Stanford, communication will be broadly shared. We are tentatively targeting fall 2021 to start offering The IDEAL Learning Journey to all staff members, as funding from the Provost's office has been obtained for all staff to participate. Due to the volume of staff who will experience the learning journey, a phased approach will be taken to ensure approximately 11,000 staff complete the program.