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3 types of tax forms you might get this year

tax forms

It's tax time. Here are some tax forms you will likely see this year, which reflect your compensation and benefits from Stanfordand what you need to do with them.

Here is a quick description of the tax forms you may receive and where to learn more about each one.

TAX Form Who SENDS IT TO YOU What to do with it

Form W-2

Each employer you had during the tax year will send you a Form W-2.  Use it to complete your U.S. Individual Tax Return and other forms. Want to learn more about how your Stanford benefits may be reflected on this form?
Review this interactive graphic

Form 1095

Proof of health insurance coverage is provided by your employer, medical plan insurer or the Health Insurance Marketplace, depending on who provided coverage to you during the tax year. You could receive multiple forms if your coverage changed or if you had multiple employers within the same tax year.  You should keep it with your other important tax documents. You are not required to submit it to the IRS with your tax filing. The medical plan insurer will file it with the IRS.
Read FAQ about the Form 1095

Form 1099

Provided by a vendor or organization that paid you at least $600 during the tax year. At Stanford, you might receive a Form 1099 from AbsenceOne if you took certain leaves during the tax year. Use it to complete your U.S. Individual Tax Return and other forms. If you took short-term disability to care for yourself (VDI or SDI), you won't owe federal or state taxes. If you took Paid Family Leave to care for someone else or bond with a new child, you will owe federal taxes, not state taxes. If you took long-term disability, you will owe federal and state taxes.


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