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Appreciating our agility and dedication during uncertain times

Stanford faculty and staff have shown their amazing resilience, tenacity, and ability to quickly innovate as the COVID-19 pandemic and associated stay-at-home orders became our new normal. Since February, individual team members and entire teams have worked tirelessly to keep our students and campus safe, to find new ways to continue forward with student learning and support, and to adapt to our new work realities with agility, camaraderie, and dedication.

“The stories I’ve heard about faculty who scrambled to complete winter quarter and plan the entire spring quarter to be virtual, and about staff who worked long hours and took on new projects to manage the emerging crisis, have been personally and professionally inspiring to me during this uncertain time,” shared Elizabeth Zacharias, Vice President for Human Resources. “The pride I feel has been amplified as I heard over and over how quickly we pivoted. I know I speak for the entire leadership team when I say, ‘thank you’ to each of you.”

While we look forward to resuming more typical operations, for now, we can celebrate our versatility and commitment during a time when everything in the world has seemingly changed.

We hope you draw inspiration and pride in hearing from your colleagues' about how they have met recent challenges, as they represent the incredible efforts our community has shown in the face of a fast-moving pandemic. (Now queue the drum roll, applause, high fives, and thumbs-up emojis!)

Working at Stanford

Thank you to these colleagues who shared a bit about their roles and who are fantastic!

Protecting our community Forging ahead with student learning and support Ensuring research goes forward, faster Providing vital services to our community Taking on new work challenges

Eric Fenton, Patrol Officer, Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS)

Michael Bermudes, Logistics Operations Manager, SUDPS

Mark Mannia, Senior System Network Administrator, SUDPS

Maria Rivera, Public Safety Officer, SUDPS

Shawna Knauff, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director, Bing Overseas Studies Program, Vice Provost Undergraduate Education (VPUE)

Linda Campani, Spogli Family Director , The Breyer Center for Overseas Studies in Florence, Bing Overseas Studies Program, VPUE

Karen Casciotti, Associate Professor of Earth System Science and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Energy & Environmental Sciences, School of Earth

Tiffany Lieuw, Associate Director, Student Technology, Vice Provost Teaching & Learning (VPTL)

Heideh Fattaey, Executive Director of Bio-X, Dean of Research

Wilson D Eng, Facilities Manager, ChEM-H/Wu Tsai Building, Dean of Research

Raul Lacara, SR Associate Director of Executive Conferences and Catering Services, Residential & Dining Enterprises

Aneliya (Annie) Pesheva, Lead Custodian, Residential & Dining Enterprises

Matt K. Williams, Director of Facilities for Stanford Alumni Association and Office of Development

Vanessa Sutter, Graduate Student Services Officer, Dept. of Biology, School of Humanities & Sciences

Denys Roberts, Onboarding Specialist, University HR