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Cardinal at Work website: Studying how our users find information

Volunteer for one of three upcoming user test sessions to let us hear what you think about the Cardinal at Work website.

University HR is partnering with user experience experts in Stanford Web Services to do a several-month study focused on identifying key improvements that allow faculty and staff to easily and quickly find important information when they need it. Our goal is to improve the overall user experience with more effective and intuitive navigation.

Ways to make sure your voice is heard

If you have opinions to share or want to be involved in the study, sign up for one of these testing opportunities:

Online card sorting

In May, faculty and staff volunteers will participate in an unmoderated online card sort, where you use an application to group “cards” with specific words or phrases on them into categories. This test will take approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on your own pace. You’ll receive a $15 e-gift card for your efforts.

Usability recording

In May and June, faculty and staff volunteers will be recorded on Zoom using the existing Cardinal at Work website to complete specific tasks; e.g., find the list of university holidays. The recording is done to capture any/all navigation selections and any associated verbal comments about how you are navigating to find the information. The recording is used solely for the purpose of analysis by the user experience team members. The sessions will take approximately 30 minutes. You’ll receive a $45 e-gift card for your efforts.

Online task testing

In late June, faculty and staff volunteers will complete an unmoderated online test to navigate to specific items based on possible changes in the website’s navigation. This test will be virtual and take approximately 10-20 minutes. You’ll receive a $5 e-gift card for your efforts and be entered into a raffle drawing for a host of amazing prizes.

We are hoping our volunteers will represent faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds, needs, and perspectives.

Please sign up for just one of the testing options. If you sign up for one test and it happens to be full, we may contact you to see if you are interested in a different test.

Please direct questions to

Sign up for a user test (requires authentication)


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