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Connect with DEIB Communities of Practice for staff

Learn more about how you can stay connected with DEIB Community of Practice (DCP) groups for staff.

In fall 2022, the UHR Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging partnered with staff to launch multiple DEIB Community of Practice (DCP) groups focused on a range of topics. The DCP groups were formed at the annual conference for DEIB staff practitioners in September based on attendee feedback.

DCP groups meet on a quarterly basis and bring together staff from across the university. The first wave of DCP groups includes a variety of focuses, including DEIB strategies and solutions, inclusive communications, learning and development, transforming the culture of work at Stanford, and well-being and self-care.

"In a decentralized, siloed institute like Stanford, the DCP groups give DEIB practitioners a meaningful opportunity to convene, network, share, provide support and adjust our collective practices, knowledge, and goals to address the persistent forces of change," said Mohammed Soriano-Bilal, Director for the UHR Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. "This is an excellent opportunity to be part of something important and have a direct impact on advancing the goals of IDEAL at Stanford."

In the future, the UHR-DEIB office plans to expand the number of DCP group offerings for staff.

How to join a DCP group

Interested staff can learn more about how to join a DCP group on Cardinal at Work.

Find details about DEIB Communities of Practice on Cardinal at Work


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