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Fall Celebrations: Create a virtual meeting background

Create an original virtual meeting background that celebrates a day/days that are important to you. We are aiming to share a suite of backgrounds created by employees that any of us can use this fall. You don't have to be an expert graphic designer, either; you may have a photo that represents your day that could be used as a virtual meeting background.

This is not a contest and you do not have to be an artist to participate! We want to learn from each other by sharing days that are important to us, and show respect for those celebrations.


  • Must be an original creation; can use any medium (you could draw or paint an image and submit a photo of it; you could use Word, PPT, Canva or Adobe Creative Suite to create a background; or you may have a photo of yourself, family or friends at a previous year's celebration to submit) 
  • Your submission cannot include any images, wordmarks, logos, art, or other visuals that are copyrighted by someone else or for which you do not have license to use
  • Submission must include a title/brief description of the image
  • File format required: .png or .jpg
  • Recommended size of virtual meeting backgrounds for Zoom: 1920 x 1080 (we will size your image correctly, if needed)
  • Deadline: Monday, October 18, 2021


  • Gift cards and Cardinal at Work swag will be given in a random prize drawing to all who submit a virtual meeting background and provide a Stanford email. If you're on-site, you may receive swag in ID mail if your name is randomly drawn! Winners notified the week of October 18.

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Share an original virtual meeting background