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Five Ways to Show Your Appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day

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Keeping a department or team well supported is no small feat. Yet each day administrative professionals seem to do it with ease. The achievements of these unsung heroes are often behind the scenes. And while we should make an effort to praise support staff all year long, it’s nice to have a special day set aside to celebrate their contributions.

On Administrative Professionals Day, show your favorite administrative professional that they are valued and appreciated with these helpful tips:

  1. Give fresh flowers or a plant: There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers or a plant to brighten up a day. If you have the flowers or plant delivered, ask the florist for seasonal flowers or plants for something fresh and unexpected.
  2. Take out to breakfast or lunch: What better way to show your appreciation than taking your administrative support professional out for a special meal.  If you can’t get someone to cover for them, consider having a catered meal on-site instead.
  3. Leave a handwritten thank you note or group card: Sometimes a simple personal note of thanks can go a long way. Include in your note gratitude for all the little things that many times go unnoticed, like restocking and ordering office supplies. A card signed by each member of the group is another nice option.
  4. Give ‘Thank You’ Balloons: Brightly-colored balloons are a visible way to show appreciation and can be a way to ‘clue in’ others who may not be aware of the day’s significance.
  5. Grant an altered work schedule for the day: Arranging for an altered work schedule may take some juggling of schedules. However, sometimes showing flexibility is a great way to show your appreciation. Check with your school/VP area HR Manager for guidance.

In addition, ask the administrative professional(s) you work with how they like appreciation expressed: Some may not want a public display of appreciation while others would gladly welcome it; still others may have different preferences, so it can be useful to just ask.

Whatever you decide to do, make it a happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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