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Free lunchtime financial education series launches

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Make better savings, spending and investment decisions with a new series of courses offered through Stanford Benefits and the MoneyAdvice@Work team.

Personal wellness isn’t just physical, it’s financial too. That’s why Stanford Benefits is partnering with the MoneyAdvice@Work team at Francis Investment Counsel to provide a series of live, virtual courses in spring and summer 2021.

Whether you are just starting out, hitting your stride or preparing for life after work, this will help you set priorities and achieve your financial goals. 

Classes are at noon, and they are free for Stanford employees. Each course will have an English and Spanish section. Completed classes are eligible for BeWell Berries.

Click on Register in the description below or visit the course website:


2021 MoneyAdvice@Work Financial Education Series

April 27: Understanding Social Security Benefits

Between the confusion of what benefits you’re entitled to and when, and the future of Social Security, there are many opinions and questions out there. This course will help you understand the basics of Social Security and plan for your future by detailing what benefits to expect in retirement. Register

May 25: Grow Your Green

This class focuses on the most fundamental and crucial elements of a workplace retirement plan. We’ll answer questions like “How do I make wise investment decisions?”, “Should I save with Roth tax treatment?”, “How much do I need to save?”, and “What do I do when the market declines?” Attend this class to get your retirement plan green growing. Register

June 23: How to Turn Your Retirement Account Into Income

You’ve spent your career building savings for retirement. Now, it’s time to create a plan for turning those savings into an income that will last a lifetime. Join us to learn strategies for converting your savings into retirement income and to better understand your distribution options. Register

July 29: Money Tips to Your Younger You

Have you ever considered situations where we all have been caught in the moment by fashion, culture, or other popular fads that we now regret? This course reminds us of the temptation of getting caught in the moment and making unwise savings, spending, and investment decisions. Instead, learn valuable “if I knew then what I know now” money tips. Register

August 25: Retirement Pre-Launch Checklist

Retirement is a time of change and new beginnings for you and your money. But change can be daunting. Join us to explore a comprehensive pre-launch checklist to make sure you are ready for your new beginning: life after work. Register


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