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Your 2021 resolutions: Now what?

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You started the New Year empowered by changes you would like to make for yourself. You may have even shared with us some of your goals for this year. So, how's it going? Here's what you shared with us, and some resources you can use to take the next (small) step in your journey.

Pie chart of employee resolutions for 2021. Positive outlook 34.1%, wellness 29.6%, growth and development  22.8%, other 11.3%, family and friends 2.3%

Throughout January—on the Cardinal at Work website and the Insider newsletter—we asked you what your resolutions, hopes and wishes are for 2021. From weight loss, to improving communication skills, to being a better mentor, it turns out many of us are looking to make positive changes in our lives and daily routines. 

The goals you submitted could be nested under broad categories such as creating a positive outlook, wellness and growth and development. Good news: There are resources available to you as a Stanford employee in all of those areas, and our resolution on Cardinal at Work is to continually help you find the information you need to excel in your work and in life. 

Taking Action

The key to success with many of these goals is recognizing the journey you’re on is about behavior change, not overnight change

A growing body of research from Stanford and elsewhere provides insight into some of the best ways to start changing your behaviors, such as: starting with small steps, telling someone your goal so they can help you stick to them and remembering why the change is important to you (BeWell’s January 2021 feature on self-care strategies speaks to this more). 

Creating a plan, if you haven’t already, is a good place to start. Here are some ideas to inform your plan. You can find additional resources on the Cardinal at Work site, including filtering through Stanford perks such as Sweeteners.


  • The BeWell program encourages you to take charge of your well-being by offering incentives, Healthy Living classes and group support. 
  • Stanford Recreation & Wellness as an array of programs and classes available to keep you moving, including virtual too!

Growth and Development

  • LinkedIn Learning is a free resource where you can learn at your own pace from 13,000+ courses covering business skills, technology, creative topics and interpersonal skills.
  • Technology Training can help you soak up new skills in new tech (or tech that is new to you) for personal and professional development.
  • Manager Forums is a recurring virtual discussion with a new topic addressed each forum to support people managers across the university with resources and approaches to better lead their teams. 
  • Stanford Continuing Studies has expanded their live online courses as well as their “flex” courses for you to learn at your own pace, with new opportunities to learn every quarter.
  • Think Fast, Talk Smart, the podcast from Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of strategic communication at Stanford GSB, dives into topics related to how you communicate -- in business and in life.

Family and Friends

  • The Cantor Arts Center is providing easy ways for you to watch, read and explore the museums from home with your friends and family.
  • The Faculty Staff Help Center offers free, confidential, short-term professional counseling for individuals, couples and families.

Positive Outlook

Tell us how we can help

As you continue to work toward your goals throughout the year, take a moment to let us know how we can provide the right content to help support your efforts by giving us feedback.

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