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Leverage LinkedIn Learning for you and your teams

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When developing teams and fostering individual or team growth, managers have a rich resource that can be used to help both you and your team members develop skills and competencies, and spark new approaches and practices.

LinkedIn Learning is provided at no cost by University HR and offers tens of thousands of courses to all benefits-eligible employees, with on-demand learning on many subjects, including workplace effectiveness topics in the areas of leadership, business, and technology.

Myriad of uses

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) can be used to:

  • Create a learning and development curriculum to help meet the professional development goals for you and your team
  • Foster a continuous learning environment
  • Access and join LinkedIn learning groups, an exclusive benefit for LiL members 
  • Act as conversation starters for team meetings

Accessing LiL

Login to LiL by using your SUNet ID (use the link provided below). Users are not required to link their personal LinkedIn profile to their Stanford LiL account; however, there are many benefits to linking, such as sharing certificate/course completions on their profile, and receiving personalized recommendations for learning. 

If you’re new to LiL

A great place to start if you are unfamiliar with LiL is an overview course that offers key navigation tips, such as how to: search for courses, create learning paths and save courses into collections, and identify courses that carry continuing education units (CEUs. Users can also join learning groups, which are collaborative groups of learners and subject matter experts that reinforce and expand learning. Download the free LiL app to your mobile device for on-the-go learning.

Free resource; personal LiL membership not needed

If you or any of your team members have purchased a personal LiL membership, you may not wish to renew it, because the LiL resources are free to benefits-eligible staff and faculty (as well as to Stanford students).

March Manager Forum focusing on LiL

An upcoming Manager Forum will offer guidance on how to strategically use LiL for your development and the development of your team, as well as a demonstration of how to access and navigate the LiL site. The forum will be held on March 16 from 10 to 11 am, and managers will receive an email to sign up. You may wish to access and bookmark the Manager Forum webpage to view previous forum recordings.

Access LiL to use with your teams

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