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Meet the Honorees: Stanford Celebrates You 2019

The 6th annual Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers ceremony will honor 233 employees who reached a career milestone of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service in 2018. This year’s ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Multicultural Springfest on May 23, at the newly renovated Frost Amphitheater, where honorees will be recognized on stage for their decades of contributions to the university’s mission.

With over 7,070 years of combined service, our 2019 honorees are an example of dedication, commitment, and diligence, which has helped shape the university we know today. From becoming the recorded voice of the university, Stanford hospitals, and remote sites (Dominga Zepeda, 40-year honoree), to being the first university Pcard Administrator (Nanette Beacham, 30-year honoree), our honorees’ diverse backgrounds, skills, knowledge, and passions contribute fundamentally to Stanford’s legacy.

Honorees by the numbers:

Point of Pride:

Our honorees take pride in the work they have accomplished over the years, and Stanford would not be where it is today without them!

“I am proud to have helped get approval for construction of the new hospital” –Laura Jones, 25-year honoree

“I am proud of all of the work I've done at Stanford, but certainly the biggest project was the Women's Health Initiative. It started in 1993 and continues today. At Stanford, we enrolled approx. 4,600 postmenopausal women into a nationwide NIH study that included nearly 162,000 women.” –Susan Swope, 30-year honoree

“During my first year working here in 1993, I built one of Stanford's very first websites for the Overseas Studies Program. Twenty-five years later, I now have the tremendous honor to manage the main website.” –Scott Stocker, 25-year honoree

"I was a member of our curriculum committee for Physical Education when former Athletic Director Ted Leland, Condoleezza Rice, and our committee submitted a proposal to the university, stating the importance of Physical Education for our undergrad and grad students; Stanford’s academic alliance chose to continue to honor PE credits towards graduation." –James Miller, 25-year honoree

Many of our honorees were even involved with clean-up efforts after the 1989 earthquake, and a flash flood in 1998.

“I am proud to have worked to relocate students in the aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989…” –Matthew Geenen, 30-year honoree

“Not many folks can claim to have experienced the 1989 earthquake while at the top (well, 13th floor) of HooTow (Hoover Tower); including sirens blaring, furniture sliding and book shelving collapsing all around - including against the emergency exit!” –Timothy Zerlang, 25 year honoree

“The Aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake and helping in a small way to help the community with their research in through multiple moves within the GSB”. –Nora Richardson, 40-year honoree

“I am most proud to have been part of the rescue effort to retrieve books from the basement of Green Library after the flash flood of February 1998.” –Brian P. Kunde, 30-year honoree

“In the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Mitch in '98, I led a campus-wide fund-raiser to purchase medical supplies for the pediatric ward of the Hospital Semillas de la Esperanza in Guatemala, my country of origin. The campus and community-wide response was overwhelming, and I will never forget it. The pharmacy in the tiny rural community of Arenera to this day is named Farmacia Roberto Poole after Dr. Poole, Director of Pharmacy at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, whose donations of supplies saved many lives.” –Maria Cristina Urruela, 30-year honoree

What I enjoy most about Stanford:

“My colleagues and the lifelong friendships I have been able to cultivate and cherish.” –Mona Kitasoe, 25-year honoree

“To me, Stanford = the people who work here. I've developed wonderful, lasting friendships and amazingly collaborative working relationships with faculty and staff.” –Debbie Leong-Childs, 40-year honoree


“My most enjoyable experience at Stanford is getting to know the students. As a Hospitality Manager in the residence halls for over 25 of my 30 years at Stanford, I have had the pleasure and privilege to interact with the students. The dining halls are their home and I was able to connect with many students. They started to call me Mama Carole.” –Carole Miller, 30-year honoree


“I have enjoyed being at an intellectually vibrant and fun place. I have had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of areas of Stanford life: program evaluation, research, residential education, teaching (Graduate School of Education). The students are an inspiration and a source of great hope for our country and the world.” –Ann Porteus, 40-year honoree

Leave your Legacy:

The knowledge and experience of our honorees gives guidance to many staff as they begin to navigate their career at Stanford.

“Stanford is a great place to work however, you must learn to be a team player and work closely with other staff across campus. Building relationships that will last for years is very important. Also, find yourself a mentor, someone to teach you the ropes in how to navigate through Stanford's vast web of information, policies and institutional structure of the university.” –Brenda Sampson, 40-year honoree

“Work hard, but know that your colleagues have your back. Relationships are everything! Share your difficult situations with others and don't try to be the hero. There is so much more satisfaction in being part of a team's winning effort.” –Christopher Canellos, 40-year honoree

“If the challenge put in front of you is not scary, then it is not much of a challenge. Always push yourself and rise to the challenge.” –Richard Atkinson, 35-year honoree

“The work you do, whether you are an Administrative Associate or a high-level manager, is important. It's a contribution to something greater, never forget that.” –Renee Sombilon, 25-year honoree

“Take advantage of the many classes offered to staff and enjoy the campus as a whole. Go to sporting and music events, attend lectures, etc. We have opportunities for personal enrichment all around us at Stanford.” –Janine Roberts -25-year honoree

"Make the most of your job and the training opportunities. Make HIP classes a part of your routine and save in the retirement program from day one. Take your vacation time, recharge." –Linda A. Cicero, 25-year honoree

“Cut yourself some slack, pat yourself on the back, and remember what brings you joy!” –Laura Cameron, 25-year honoree

“Make time to connect with others. It is the people; colleagues and students, who will truly make a difference in your time at Stanford. Also, take advantage of the wide variety of activities that Stanford University offers you and take time to explore this beautiful campus.” –Betsy Cuisinot, 35-year honoree

Favorite Place at Stanford:

With many wonderful places to visit, experience, and learn, here are some of our honorees' favorites!

  1. Memorial Church
  2. The libraries and gyms
  3. Stanford Golf course
  4. Lake Lagunita
  5. SLAC
  6. The Dish
  7. The Cactus Garden
  8. New Guinea Sculpture Garden
  9. Bing Concert Hall
  10. Rodin Sculpture Garden

All honorees have had the opportunity to create an honoree profile on the Cardinal at Work website, where you can now leave a congratulatory message! Please note that some honorees opted out of creating a profile.

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