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Meet Our Honorees: Stanford Celebrates You 2020

Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers 2020

The 7th annual Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers ceremony will honor 245 employees who reached a career milestone of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service in 2019. This year’s ceremony will be held at Bing Concert Hall on April 9, where honorees will be recognized on stage by Provost Drell for their decades of contributions to the university’s mission.

Please note:
In alignment with Stanford University protocol, our 7th annual Stanford Celebrates You recognition ceremony has been canceled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (also called novel coronavirus). Honoree profiles will remain open to allow for the addition of new congratulatory messages.

If you have any questions about the cancellation of the Stanford Celebrates You recognition ceremony, please contact the project team at

For more information regarding COVID-19 please visit The site will be updated frequently as new information is available.

With over 7,470 years of combined service, our 2020 honorees are an example of dedication, commitment, and diligence, which has helped shape the university we know today. From being a part of the team that developed the world's shortest strobe flashes of intense x-rays (Patrick Krejcik, 30-year honoree), to being a part of the development team when Knight Management Center was being built (Michele Grason, 25-year honoree), our honorees’ diverse backgrounds, skills, knowledge, and passions contribute fundamentally to Stanford’s legacy.

Honorees by the numbers:

Point of Pride:

Our honorees take pride in the work they have accomplished over the years, and Stanford would not be where it is today without them!

I’m proud to have been involved with the Libraries' annual De-stress Fest for the past several years. A small group of libraries staff plan, organize, market, and host this amazing student outreach event. During what can be a very stressful time, right before finals, we offer our students some “down time” where they can take a break from studying and enjoy tasty treats, partake in arts, crafts and games, and even pet a llama or two…or three. It’s rewarding to be on the planning side of an event focused on student wellness. The student turnout, and all of the positive feedback we receive has made this event so worthwhile.” –Kelly Fields, 30-year honoree

I am proud to have conducted the Memorial Church Choir for 30 years!”–Gregory Wait, 40-year honoree

"In addition to all the great science and research for the heart transplant population,I help coordinate the Annual Heart Transplant Reunion that celebrates the lives of the patients and families of heart transplants, and includes staff and faculty!  –Helen Luikart, 30-year honoree


The establishment and early success of the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute, which brings a cohort of people in midlife to Stanford annually for a year-long program of building a new community, attending to their health and wellness, and discerning their purpose for the next phase of their lives. As non-matriculated graduate students, they take classes with undergraduate and graduate students throughout the university, to the benefit of the students, the participants and the university. –Kathryn Gillam, 35-year honoree

What I enjoy most about Stanford:

I have met many inspiring and hard-working people in my years at Stanford, including research volunteers, faculty, staff, and students. As a clinical researcher, I have recruited thousands of participants into research trials that have had an impact and made a difference in people’s lives. It is this meaningful work, the friendships and camaraderie that I will remember most.” –Sally Mackey, 35-year honoree

“I am very grateful to be working with, and among such gifted, exceptional, and helpful people over the years in the academic and scientific research environment that draws such talent from many parts of the world.”  –Robert B. Reed, 30-year honoree


Limiting the scope of what I like about working at Stanford to a single thing is a challenge. First it would be the people which include the faculty, staff and students as well as emeriti, visitors and post-docs. Secondly, it is greatly satisfying to support the teaching and research mission by providing the tools to let our faculty and students acquire the tools and skills they need to accelerate their future impact on a changing world.” –Tom Koos, 25-year honoree


I enjoy being surrounded by so many talented and passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the world.” –Martha Trujilo, 35-year honoree

Leave your Legacy:

The knowledge and experience of our honorees gives guidance to many staff as they begin to navigate their career at Stanford.

“Be curious and allow yourself to be immersed in the rich culture and diversity that the Stanford community has to offer.” –Esti Hall, 35-year honoree

“Take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities and resources offered by the university (BeWell, HIP, workshops, Commute Club, Tuition Grant Program, STAP funds, personal and professional growth, and lifelong friendships).” –Diane Starrett, 25-year honoree

“Try to take time to explore the campus, there is a lot of history here” –Gerri O'Riordan, 25-year honoree

“Engage the unlimited potential that surrounds you and leave the university in better shape than you found it.” –Liam Robinson, 35-year honoree

“Stanford is a large institution with many opportunities; you can move around and still remain a Stanford employee.” –Shirley Gruber, 40-year honoree


Favorite Stanford Memory:

A significant memory, more than a favorite. In the 1980s, a graduate student died from AIDS. The shock and mourning forged a dialogue between faculty, staff and students that had not existed openly. A few brave quietly gay faculty declared themselves, stepped up, led workshops, and raised awareness not just of AIDS but also of the inequities experienced by (mostly) the gay community, particularly in academia. It was a time of grief and growth. As a cisgender woman, I was proud of and grateful for my work community.” –Elissa Hirsh, 45-year honoree


“One of my most fun memories is when I organized our team to do a flash mob at the holiday celebration.  We spent weeks practicing at lunch and came together as a team to do something fun for our colleagues!” –Grace Quadro, 25-year honoree

My favorite memory is when three historic houses were relocated for the Munger housing project. It was pretty amazing and everyone came out to watch.” –Michelle DeWan, 25-year honoree

“There are so many to name, one in particular was that I attended all the World Cup Soccer games played at the old stadium.” –Eduardo E. Morales, 30-year honoree

“I had been working at SLAC for about a year and Dr. Martin Pearl received the Nobel Prize in Physics. It was such a big deal.  SLAC had a big reception on the lawn and it was at that moment that I realized what an amazing place I was working at.” –Stephanie Carlson, 25-year honoree

Honoree Fun Facts:

“I love Soul Line Dancing and coordinate the Stanford Soul Line Dance group!” –Mary Foston-English, 45-year honoree

“I have continued to swim with the Stanford Masters Swimming program every year since I arrived in 1994.” –Ken Merritt, 25-year honoree

“I am a 7th generation Texan, so someday Stanford in Austin?” –Rosemary Rogers, 25-year honoree

“Since I have been at Stanford for 40 years now, many of my former students have children who also take some of my classes, and sometimes they call me their "Grandteacher”." –Cathy Haas, 40-year honoree


Congratulate our honorees!

This year, the Stanford Celebrates You: Recognizing Staff Careers ceremony will take place as a private event, separate from the Multicultural Springfest, to ensure honorees and their distinguished service to the university are the sole focus.  Show your support to the honorees by leaving a congratulatory message on their honoree profile!

All honorees have had the opportunity to create an honoree profile on the Cardinal at Work website where you can read more about their Stanford experiences and more! Please note that some honorees opted out of creating a profile. 

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