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New monthly forum connects managers to strengthen and support their teams

A monthly virtual forum is launching for people managers to connect, learn from each other, and review resources available to lead and support their teams during these extraordinary times.

Monthly forums for managers begin on August 27 and will highlight key employee and workplace-related topics. The forums are in recognition that people managers are being called upon to lead differently during this time period and will likely need to continue to lead distributed teams, manage changing priorities, and support their teams during these challenging times that the pandemic and racial injustices bring. All people managers are invited to the virtual monthly forums, designed to be one-hour sessions.

Connecting managers to strengthen teams

The goal of the forums is to help equip managers with tools and resources to guide their teams to success. In addition, the forums give managers a way to share their experiences and solicit support from their peers. Each month a new forum topic will be chosen for the virtual session.

First forum on August 27 focuses on employee engagement

On August 27, 2020, the first manager forum will focus on increasing employee engagement during this time of disruption and highlight an employee engagement guide recently developed by several human resources leaders. Managers play an essential role in employee engagement, including showing empathy and flexibility, casting the tone and setting the example for their teams, and lending insight to university initiatives, priorities, and policies.

Guest leader Bob Sutton, Professor of Management Science & Engineering and, by courtesy, of Organization Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, will provide insight into factors that influence employee engagement. Managers will then be invited to participate in breakout sessions to discuss and collaborate on approaches to help connect and increase engagement with their teams. The forum in September will feature IDEAL Engage and manager resources, including the anti-Black racism manager guides. 

All people managers will receive a poll to share input about the topics they would like addressed in future Manager Forums. Future forums may also include new and upcoming programs and services, and university-wide workplace priorities. All people managers are encouraged to participate in the monthly forums and there is no cost; register using STARS.

Managers can learn more about and register for the new forums by visiting the Manager Toolkit

Manager Toolkit