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New Stanford Careers website

A group of hands high-fiving with the words "Work towards a future you believe in" at the top

The new Stanford Careers website is designed to attract top talent like you. An updated and inclusive candidate-centric approach provides a positive and engaging experience as candidates learn more about what it is like to work at Stanford. Redeveloped content illustrates our culture, aligns with our vision for diversity, equity and inclusion, and represents the university as a whole rather than by individual schools and units.

Looking to grow your career and experience at Stanford?

Employees are a major asset to the university, and we encourage you to advance your career here. Visit the new Careers site to view active open positions in your field across all seven of our schools and 20+ units. Visit the Cardinal at Work website to learn how to apply as an internal candidate, and talk to your manager about internal mobility and growth. New positions are posted to the Careers site daily!

Visit the Stanford Careers site

Know more mission-driven and dedicated people like you?

We’re always looking for great talent (like you!) to be a part of our mission for a better tomorrow. Share the new Stanford Careers site with your friends, family and network and help build our community of researchers, communicators, leaders, educators, administrators and more!

Share openings on social media

  • Share a specific job posting by selecting the “Share this Job” button at the top of the job posting on the careers site. 
  • Share the new Careers site on your social media by following the 3-step instructions to download the image below.
  1. Click on the image below and it will download. 
  2. Open your social media that you would like to share the Careers site link on and upload the image.
  3. Include a custom message to your friends, family and network and the Stanford Careers URL (

Work towards a future you believe in

You can also become an employee advocate by sharing your work experiences at the university on your social media—from a short story to a picture of you in your workspace or engaging in a work activity or event. Sharing these experiences helps future candidates decide if Stanford is a good fit for them. Don’t forget to use a hashtag! 

#WorkTowardsAFutureYouBelieveIn #WeBelieveInHavingAGlobalImpact #WeBelieveYouMatterAsMuchAsTheWork #WeBelieveThatYouCanLoveYourJob #WorkingatStanford #StanfordCareers

More about the new site design

The site was redesigned based on insights from our IDEAL Staff Advisory Committee, and stakeholder and candidate feedback. 

You’ll now see information about our areas of work, along with highlights of critical initiatives such as our diversity and inclusion efforts, testimonials from current staff, and an overview of our hiring process.

For questions about the Careers site, contact