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Open Enrollment communications: Working toward zero waste by 2030

We’re reducing the amount of materials we create for Open Enrollment, in support of the university’s Zero Waste 2030 initiative. We started by listening to your ideas from last year’s Open Enrollment exit survey.

Our benefits team strives to offer plan options that are as diverse as our community and reflective of our needs. Similarly, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to providing benefits-related communication.

Some people have told us they love having the Open Enrollment Guidebook mailed to their home so they can talk about plan options with others in their family. Some have told us it isn't necessary for them.

Many people are on computers and devices throughout the day and regularly check email reminders, while many are not as connected due to the nature of their work.

We are working to identify better ways to reach everyone with the important information they need to make educated choices, while working toward the university's goal of zero waste.

Here's what we were able to do this year:

  • Reduce and consolidate printed materials, eliminating the printed Benefits Summary books for faculty and staff, and working instead to improve the Benefits & Rewards section of Cardinal at Work.
  • Provide targeted email reminders for most of our audience to reduce the need for printed reminders.
  • Reduce the amount of postcards printed and mailed home. This year we only targeted groups who, to our knowledge, don't work at a computer regularly, as well as employees on leave and retiree families.
  • Eliminate the printed poster announcing Open Enrollment, and create instead a pilot program using digital displays to provide reminders on the main campus and Stanford Redwood City campus.
  • Eliminate printed Personal Enrollment Worksheets previously mailed to several audience segments, including retiree families; eliminate mailing the Retiree Benefits Summary to all retiree families since it is used primarily to help those who have intent to retire soon.

Give us your feedback

Watch for a survey after Open Enrollment closes for feedback on what materials you found helpful this year so we can continue to improve next year.

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