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Summer learning: Brief sessions to fit your busy schedule

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Keep your learning and professional development going this summer with brief but impactful workshops. University HR is offering six new sessions that are quick ways (either 60 minutes or 90 minutes) to help you and are particularly relevant to working well in these challenging times. All are STAP eligible, if you have unused FY21 funds.

These sessions are interactive, facilitated by highly trained adult learning experts, and are held using WebEx (instructions to download WebEx are included in each session’s description if you do not already have that application). Additional summer courses are also open.

NOTE: If classes are full, please sign up on the waitlist so we can determine if additional sessions can be added.

Enroll today in one or more of these sessions using STARS in Axess. Questions? Email

60-minute sessions: Just $50

Respect Me: Wednesday, August 11, 1-2 pm

  • Build awareness of the impact of our behavior in the workplace, including the important role you play to shape an organizational climate that supports psychological safety and where we work together to create an enjoyable environment in which people can be productive.

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Change Agility: Wednesday, August 18, 1-2 pm

  • We experience ever- changing systems and practices in our personal and professional lives that make it seem as if the goal posts are constantly moving or even that the game itself has changed. And yet we know that those who embrace new approaches find themselves thriving in even the most uncertain of environments. Developing the skill to be agile with change involves understanding where we can get blocked, and how we can move beyond just tolerating change to profiting from it. 

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Take Control: Thursday, August 19, 1-2 pm

  • Having a sense of control over our well-being is a significant factor in determining how resourceful we are when managing ourselves. By identifying the type of thinking that’s impacting our well-being and what we can do about it, this session focuses on shifting our mindset, to retake control of our well-being.

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90-minute sessions: Just $100

Held to Account: Tuesday, August 17, 10-11:30 am

  • Accountability is a core competence and one that is highly valued. When we feel accountable, we take ownership for our own best performance, are empowered to turn intentions into outcomes, and are able to take a step back and reap the benefits of an engaged, autonomous and proactive team.

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@virtualcollaboration: Tuesday, August 24, 10-11:30 am

  • Distance working may affect team processes or hinder collaboration if not handled well. Communication can require more effort, because we miss out on social cues, everyday questions, and the idea sharing that happened in person. Take deliberate steps to overcome confusion or miscommunications and find ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate well together in this new world of work.

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Courageous Conversations: Wednesday, August 25, 10-11:30 am (waitlist only)

  • Conversations you anticipate to be difficult can lead you to avoid them, which may complicate the issue. Important conversations are especially important during times of change or in the delivery of (often unwelcome) information. By discovering how we can deliver messages in a way that feels positive, we will be less likely to avoid them in the future. 

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