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Time to Update Your StanfordYou Profile

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When is the last time you updated your StanfordYou profile?

StanfordYou is an application that allows community members to maintain their professional and emergency contact information, vacation auto reply and other data related to working at Stanford. Information entered in StanfordYou can be searched in the StanfordWho online directory, a valuable tool for connecting with employees’ university-wide.

Ever tried to follow up or reconnect with a colleague, but were unable to find their contact information in  StanfordWho? This can be frustrating and derail potential opportunities for you to collaborate and network with others.

StanfordYou Changes Coming Soon

To ensure contact information is available and accessible to Stanford employees, changes are coming this spring. Here’s what’s happening:

  • First, the privacy setting for email will be removed as an option and default to an authenticated "Stanford-only” view for non-academic staff.
  • Second, staff will be encouraged to review and update work contact information (email, address and phone fields) to ensure directory information is current and accurate.

The “public” setting will remain an option and will continue to display work information to anyone who visits the public StanfordWho directory. The goal of the change is to make it easier for staff to connect and collaborate with others university-wide, and to enable greater systems efficiency—an area of opportunity identified in the 2015 Staff Survey results.

Your Action Needed

All employees are encouraged to complete these three simple steps to confirm contact information is complete and accurate in StanfordYou:

  1. Log in and review your profile information. Make sure your Stanford affiliated work information has been entered in StanfordYou. Confirm your work email, address and phone number are current and make updates if they are outdated. 
  2. Check your visibility settings for your work contact information. Your work email, address and phone number should be visible to the Stanford community. Select the “Stanford” setting to allow authenticated Stanford community members to view your work contact information in the StanfordWho directory.
  3. Maintain your AlertSU emergency contact information. Information will be used by AlertSU emergency notification system to contact you in case of an emergency. Always to include your area code and do not use 5-digit campus extensions.

To update your directory information or learn more, visit StanfordYou. Or visit Stanford UIT help resources for additional information. 

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