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Welcome Center relocates to the main campus

Welcome Center relocates to the main campus

The Welcome Center, our university-wide new hire orientation program, is relocating to the Huang Engineering Center. Designed to bolster the onboarding experience for new hires, the weekly sessions will be held at the new location starting June 3.

The move comes after the Welcome Center has been held at 3160 Porter Drive for close to five years, ushering in thousands of new employees.

The Welcome Center has transformed how new staff are hired and warmly welcomed into our community. At the session, typically attended on their first day, new employees receive their ID card, complete compliance requirements such as I-9 and the patent agreement, learn about benefits, and receive comprehensive information about the array of programs and services available, from transportation to sustainability to wellness. A walking tour of the Main Quad area is included, so the relocation to the Huang Engineering Center is an efficiency gain; shuttle buses will no longer be needed to transport new hires to and from the main campus.

If you are a hiring manager with a new employee about to join your team, your local human resources group will coordinate enrollment in the next available Welcome Center. For details about the Welcome Center, please visit the Welcome Center website.


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