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Winter Close 2020/2021 Extended

An extension to the upcoming Winter Close for 2020/2021 was announced today by Elizabeth Zacharias, Vice President for Human Resources, and on behalf of the university's leadership team. The text of the mailing sent to employees is below.

Subject: Winter Close Extension, 2020/2021

This year has been one that has been unforgettable, filled with many challenges, and determining a new path forward. In recognition of the extended period of disruption and stress, we are adding an additional week to Winter Close in recognition that this year, perhaps more than in any year, having downtime is vitally important.


The additional week during 2020/2021 Winter Close will be the week of December 14, 2020. Winter Close will now begin on Monday, December 14 (rather than on December 21), and operations will resume on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Paid days off during extended Winter Close

To support you in taking time away from work, two days of paid time off are being provided in addition to the three days of paid time typically provided for Winter Close, for a total of five days of paid time off, along with three paid holidays during the extended closure period. View the updated Winter Close details on the Cardinal at Work website.

While this year’s break is longer than usual, the time off will be managed as we typically do. Specific details about implementing Winter Close in your school or unit will be communicated by your management. And, prior to Winter Close, we will update you on any unique timecard codes needed to capture the additional paid days off.

Operations that are unable to fully close

Some areas, including those conducting critical research or providing core infrastructure services, may be unable to fully close due to the critical nature of their work. We have added the flexibility for employees who cannot take the full break to use the two additional paid days off at another time as long as they are taken by February 26, 2021. Schools and units with areas not able to fully close will communicate requirements for working during Winter Close and managers will support employees in coordinating the use of the two additional paid days off at a later time.

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude, and that of our entire leadership team, for your resilience, dedication, and continued high levels of productivity this year. I hope you and your loved ones are able to find ways to connect and restore your energies as we close out this year and embrace the New Year.



Elizabeth Zacharias

Vice President for Human Resources

Working at Stanford