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Help Those Impacted by Recent Wildfires

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Northern California wildfires continue to burn across the Bay Area and have left many devastated and displaced from their homes. Our community is ready to help.

If you are impacted

If you are an employee and currently affected by this disaster, please reach out to your manager or HR manager to help provide guidance and resources available to support you and your family. Review details in an email sent to employees in impacted zip codes from the Vice President for Human Resources for guidance on how to make use of available resources.

Stay informed, prepared, and safe

Help wildfire victims 

Organizations accepting monetary donations:

Always check with any organization you wish to donate to, so you confirm if monetary or item donations are preferred. Charities that are accepting items may typically need:

  • Large tents, sleeping bags/pads, blankets, pillows, tarps to provide shelter
  • Bottled water
  • Personal hygiene products, face masks
  • Pet supplies, pet food, litter boxes, crates

Additional information on ways to help:

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CNN, August 21, 2020