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Mindful Moms

Happy mother in yoga clothes playing with her baby
March 21, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm
Escondido Village Ctr., Common Rm, 140 Comstock Circle
$315 STAP eligible/FREE for postdocs, students (grad; undergrad) and their partners/families
Mindful Moms is a 10-week evidence-based wellness group for moms. Neuroscience research has demonstrated the powerful benefits of mindfulness meditation, as well as its ability to reduce stress, improve mood and treat chronic conditions, including anxiety and depression.
At Mindful Moms, we come together to nurture our minds, bodies and hearts in a supportive community through the practice of mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga, authentic sharing and community building exercises. Each week we explore different themes relating to mindfulness and motherhood. Our emphasis is placed on practicing mindfulness as well as creating a deep sense of community, which is essential for us as mothers. We all share a vital need for meaningful social connection!

Instructor: Krassi Harwell is a certified yoga instructor working in the Bay area since 2001, Thai massage therapist, Hakomi counselor, DONA-certified doula since 2005, and also the mother of two children.


For employees, register through the HIP website and search for mbsm-02 or Mindful Moms.
FREE for postdocs, students and their partners/families; please contact HIP at for special registration instructions.

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WorkLife Office; HIP
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Seminar/Workshop, Series
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Connection & Community, WorkLife, Wellness, Benefits & Rewards, Health
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Faculty, Staff, Healthy-Minded, Parent

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