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We are committed to your success in all aspects of your life, including your most important role as a parent. Explore this collection of resources and rewards you may find valuable as a parent.

Benefits & Rewards

Get help paying for child care

The Child Care Subsidy Grant Program (CCSG) provides grants of up to $5,000 a year for child care expenses to eligible employees.

Make changes to your benefits

Change your benefits after a birth or adoption, change in childcare costs, or other life event.

Review WorkLife offerings for your children and family

Explore on-site and off-site childcare options, summer activities and camps, learning resources and more.

Discover Stanford Sweeteners

Stanford Sierra Camp, Team Cardinal for Kids and access to nearly 20 recreation facilities are just some of the "sweet" perks and rewards available to you and your family.

Get support from the Faculty Staff Help Center (FSHC)

The FSHC offers parenting workshops and discussion groups, in addition to counseling services for you and your family.

Get assistance paying for your child’s college tuition

The Tuition Grant Program helps you pay for the cost of an undergraduate college education for your eligible children.

Learn & Grow

Explore courses to help you manage stress, enhance time management skills and handle conflict

Learn new skills that will benefit you not only at work, but also in your personal life.

Get confidential career counseling

The Career Counseling Network offers individual career assistance to make career management easier as you juggle work and a family.


Get connected to other Stanford parents through email list communities

Ask questions, share parenting tips and resources, advertise an item for sale and more through ParentNet and Staffers Village.

Join a staff group for support and camaraderie

Staff affinity groups at Stanford help you meet new people and provide opportunities for professional, social and personal support.

Bring your family to an annual event

Each year, Stanford puts on many exciting events that provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Connect to colleagues online

Join us on Facebook to connect to your colleagues, participate in fun contests and win prizes.