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Career Navigation

We offer the following tools and resources to help you navigate and discover some of the possibilities for your staff career journey at Stanford.

Career Counseling Network

The Career Counseling Network provides individual career development assistance from independent, confidential career counselors. If you are considering moving to a new position or seeking to grow in your current role, a career counselor can help you navigate these changes.

Job Series Matrix

As part of the Job Description Library, the Job Series Matrix provides a side-by-side comparison of all the jobs within a particular job series (i.e., Administrative Associate). This enables you to see how the purpose of your job and your core duties will change as you move forward within this particular job series. To view the Job Series Matrix, select and open a single job description (e.g., Administrative Associate 2), in the top section, click on the "View PDF" link in the Job Series Matrix line.

View an example job matrix for the Academic Program Professional

Recommended Resources

In support of your career development efforts, explore this comprehensive library of recommended articles, books and websites.