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Successfully Working Across Generations: From Baby Boomers to Millennials

To achieve true collaboration at work you need a foundation that helps you understand and promotes your value for the differences and similarities among those who are from different generations than yours.

Deepening your understanding of what shapes the values, attitudes and behaviors of each generation promotes greater appreciation of the differences and similarities between the generations, leading to enhanced collaboration. In this session you will develop new perspectives and tools to use in order to approach generational issues at work, with greater skill and enhanced appreciation.

Program Objectives:

  • Identify current issues in the work place that are of a generational nature
  • Identify why it is important to understand and value generational differences and similarities in today's work place
  • Increase understanding and appreciation of generational differences and similarities and what gives rise to them
  • Discriminate between the different generational preferences in areas such as giving and receiving feedback, being recognized, engaging in professional development and advancement
  • Practice successful approaches for successful generational collaboration within your organization
  • Plan for application of new understanding and insights on return to the workplace

$100 course fee. Instructor: Debby Seaman, Seaman Associates


Administrative Professional, Aspiring Leader, High Performer, Lifelong Learner