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Eligibility & Coverage

Training activities should relate to your career development goals and assist you in qualifying for a new position or advancing within your current role at Stanford. All training activities must be approved by your supervisor.

Who is Eligible?

Regular or fixed-term employees working 50 percent time or greater, including:

✓ Non-Academic, Academic and Bargaining Unit staff

Who is NOT Eligible?

Faculty, temporary or casual employees and retirees are not eligible for this program.

What is Covered?

✓ Tuition and registration fees

✓ Required course textbooks, CD's or tapes

✓ Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP)

✓ Stanford Continuing Studies courses

✓ Stanford Technology Training courses

✓ Registration fees for seminars, courses, workshops and professional conferences may also be eligible

What is NOT Covered?

  • Test preparation courses (i.e., GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT)
  • Exams or testing
  • Sports activities
  • Health-related classes except those sponsored by the Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP)
  • Training to meet minimum educational requirements of the current job, or to qualify the employee for a new trade or business
  • Professional membership fees or subscriptions
  • Travel expenses, parking, lodging or meals
  • Rosetta Stone Language CDs
  • Reference books

Maximum Yearly Benefit

STAP funds are available on a fiscal-year basis and available for use between September 1 thru August 31. Any unused STAP funds will not roll over into the next fiscal year. Reimbursement is based on start date of the course and not registration date. For example, if you register for a course in August and the class has a start date in October, funds will be taken from your STAP fund balance in the current fiscal year.

  • $800 yearly for regular staff
  • $700 yearly for employees who are covered by the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement