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Career Success Stories

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Real career navigation stories of staff members like you.

Headshot of Christopher Bennett

Christopher Bennett

“I am grateful to StanfordTemps for providing me with opportunities to experience different areas of campus.”

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Headshot of Csilla Csaplár

Csilla Csaplár

"There are so many different kinds of opportunities on campus that it's just a matter of making connections and exploring options."

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Headshot of Priscilla Fiden

Priscilla Fiden

"The leadership programs have been monumental in shaping my management and leadership style."

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Headshot of Megan Fogarty

Megan Swezey Fogarty

"I continue to be educated every day by both stimulating colleagues and optimistic and brilliant students from around the world."

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Headshot of Kahlil Wells

Kahlil Wells

"We are at the forefront in everything we do, and multiple industries look to us for inspiration."

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