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Grow and Perform at Stanford

Grow and Perform

Perform to your highest potential in the pursuit of achieving university’s mission

Grow and Perform at Stanford (GPS) offers a new way of thinking and doing performance management across the university. Rooted in the growth mindset, GPS focuses on the value of ongoing, quality dialogue between a manager and employee to promote continual growth, in addition to driving results and accountability.  

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Performance Management@Stanford and Simple Eval

Performance Management@Stanford and Simple Eval programs were phased out in December 2020 and are no longer supported. For guidance on performance management within your school/unit, please contact your HR manager or representative.

Our Approach

The GPS journey is anchored in the growth mindset. It is the belief that skills can always be improved and that your setbacks can be learned from. It shifts the performance review conversation from a look back on what an employee did or did not accomplish, to what is possible.

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