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Individual Contributors

Accessing the system

To access the system, login to Axess and select the Employee Center from the top navigation bar. Under Performance Management, select the GPS System link. The system will automatically authenticate your access.

Creating Goals

Am I required to select a competency for each goal?

No, you are not required to have a target competency for each goal. However, you should select at least 2-3 competencies for your review period and discuss them with your manager.

Is there a character limit for the comment box?

Yes, the limit is 2000 characters.

Am I required to complete a mid-year check in?

The mid-year check-in is optional. Both manager and employee should discuss goals during their regular 1:1s. The system can be used to document check-ins. Please refer to the Check-ins job-aid to learn more.

Am I required to complete a performance plan in the system?

Yes, all regular benefited employees of a school/business unit that has selected to use the GPS system are required to have a performance plan.

Editing Goals

Can I edit my comments after my mid-year check in/year-end review has been submitted to my manager?

No, once your check-in/year-end review has been submitted, you cannot edit/add comments.

Can I edit the target date for a specific goal?

Yes, however the date cannot be extended past the current review period. For goals that are multi-year, you can copy the goal over to the next review period by going to your historical documents.

Can I track progress on my goals throughout the review period?

Yes. The progress on goals can be tracked throughout the review period. Additionally, goal progress can be tracked in the system using the check-ins functionality.

If I edit my goal plan, why does the system prompt me to submit the goal plan for approval?

The goal planning document is a mutually reinforcing plan between an employee and a manager. Whenever the goal document is edited, the system will automatically prompt for your manager’s approval to ensure that both of you have agreed on the goals.

Can I change a goal that has been assigned to me by my manager?

After you add a shared goal in your goal plan, the goal can be edited. The system will prompt to re-submit your goal plan to your manager for approval.

How do I know that my goals have been submitted to my manager for approval?

After you have finished writing all your goals and select “Submit” you will see a yellow banner saying “We are submitting your changes for approval”. Please note that once your goals are submitted, no edits can be until your manager approves the goals.

Do my goals have to be approved by my manager before I can write comments?

You can add comments to goals before submitting the goals to your managers. Comments can also be added during the review period.

If I change positions during the review year, can I change my manager’s name in the system?

Please contact your local HR department for any reporting related changes in the system to have the change made.

GPS System FAQs for Managers

As a manager, how do I know the goals I have set have been shared with the employee?

When you share a goal with your employee, the employee receives a notification. The shared goals show up in employees’s goal plan under the section - Shared Goals. Please request your employee to add the shared goal in their plan and submit for approval. As a manager, you will receive a notification to approve the updated goal plan.

As a manager, can I transfer a review for an employee who changes positions during the current review period?

Please contact your local HR department for transfer requests.

As a manager, how do I add a goal for one of my direct reports?

To add a goal for a direct report, navigate to the Goals under Career and Performance. Select the goal you would like to share and use the “Action” button to share. To learn more, please refer to the Goal Setting job-aid.

As a manager, do my direct reports have to submit their goals before I can assign goals?

No, you can assign goals at any time to your employees. However, the system will require the employee to resubmit their goal plan for your approval.

When should I use the “quick action” button?

The Quick Action button can be used by the managers to approve or share goals. However, to write comments, you still need to edit goals to write comments.

Can I initiate check ins in the system?

Yes, you can initiate check ins by navigating to Career and Performance > Performance and then selecting the Check-ins link. Please refer to the Check-ins job-aid for more information.