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My GPS Performance Management

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Grow and Perform at Stanford (GPS) supports a collaborative partnership between you and your manager to align goals, check-in and recalibrate together, and celebrate successes throughout the performance year. Below you will find tools and resources for each phase in the GPS process:

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a collaborative process between you and your manager. By taking a synergistic approach, you can set clear, concrete and connected expectations for results and behaviors to foster a partnership for a successful year for you, your team, and your organization. 

Goal Setting process:

1. employee and manager meet to agree on goals and competencies 2. employee enters goals into goal plan 3. manager receives email notification with goal plan details 4. employee manages goals and responsibilities during the review period


Two-way, open frequent conversations build a partnership for growth that allows you and your manager to set destinations, course-correct and celebrate successes as destinations are reached.

Discussing goal progress and milestones during a check-in and documenting it in the GPS system is a great way to support your effort as you move into the annual review summary phase of GPS. 

Check-In process:

Step 1: Employee and manager meet to check-in on goals and responsibilities; Step 2: Employee and manager adjust goals and responsibilities as needed; Step 3: Employee documents check-in notes in the system

Annual Review

Review your performance and celebrate your successes

The annual review phase offers the opportunity to summarize your achievements against your goals, responsibilities and competencies, celebrate your successes and chart a tangible path forward based on accountability and growth.

Annual Review process:

System Tools

GPS Binary Form Resources

(School of Engineering, Stanford Law School)

GPS 5-Point Rating Resources

(Alumni Association, Business Affairs, External Relations, Land, Buildings & Real Estate, Offices of the President & Provost and University Human Resources)

GPS No Rating Resources

(Dean of Research, Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Education, Humanities & Sciences, Vice President for the Arts and Vice Provost for Student Affairs)