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Our Approach

Building a partnership for success.

The GPS journey embraces continuous performance management with feedback, coaching and recognition taking place throughout. Regular discussions between managers and employees provide ongoing opportunities for growth and development, enabling individual and organizational performance success.



Each phase of the process fosters continuous growth and prepares you for a successful review period.



Competencies are guideposts along your performance journey that define the skills, knowledge and behaviors required to accomplish your goals.



Development is a cornerstone of the GPS journey that optimizes performance and enhances skills.


The GPS program embeds continuous improvement and growth language in all three phases of performance, reshaping the process to enable success.

Plan and Align

Goal Setting

Goal setting drives alignment and accountability to fuel commitment and engagement.

Learn more about goal setting

Coach and Feedback


Two-way open and frequent coaching conversations between managers and employees help build a partnership for continuously promoting, evaluating and improving performance.

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Review and Recognize

Annual Review

Review your performance, celebrate successes, identify areas to develop and set goals for the future.

Learn more about annual reviews