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Offices of the President and Provost

Core Competencies

Offices of the President and Provost has selected the following behavioral competencies:

Academic Achievement OHS instructor only. Facilitates the academic success of students through a supportive and engaging classroom, office hours, and direct communications. Encourages the development of academic skills and habits. Promotes the availability of school resources.
Communicates Effectively Presents information and ideas in a thoughtful and compelling manner; is clear and concise in verbal and written communications; shares information freely; speaks openly and honestly while fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect; able to communicate effectively to diverse groups; is a receptive listener who consults and seeks input from others; is influential and persuasive when appropriate; seeks to understand the differing sides of each situation; understands the potential of emerging communications technology and uses it to achieve objectives.
Creates Vision and Strategy Appreciates the significance of having a vision and strategy; mobilizes strategies towards the organization's goals; begins the conversation that engages others in creative thought and planning processes; communicates the vision and strategy in a way that inspires people to embrace it and make it their own; can easily pose credible alternative scenarios for planning; is committed to making a difference.
Demonstrates Required Job Knowledge Has a full working knowledge of the methods, procedures and systems applicable to the position; takes the initiative to ensure that skills are current, understands the function of the unit and how the job plays a part in the success of the unit; consistently exhibits the ability to learn and apply new skills; understands the organization's business principles and language, including the fundamentals of finance where applicable, planning and budgeting; uses this understanding to establish clear priorities for actions.
Develops/Formulates Effective solutions Effectively defines and analyzes problems, researches multiple solutions; is resourceful when faced with new challenges; demonstrates tenacity in solving problems; approaches problems creatively and offers appropriate solutions; is able to resolve customer/client problems in a positive, effective and timely manner.
Drives Results Demonstrates the ability to clearly define goals, create a plan of action to achieve them and pursue the plan to completion; ensures that projects are completed accurately and on time; achieves targets and goals; seeks clarification if necessary to achieve results; will demonstrate initiative and proactively achieve desired results; anticipates obstacles and demonstrates the ability to overcome and stay on track to achieve results; demonstrates the ability to lead a team to achieve results when required.
Drives Quality and Excellence Demonstrates the ability and commitment to deliver high quality work; consistently completes assignments in an accurate and thorough manner; effectively uses feedback to improve the quality of work; is attentive to detail; continuously looks for ways to be more efficient; is committed to demonstrating personal excellence; understands and internalizes the university's quest for excellence.
Focuses on the Customer and Client Actively seeks to exceed customer or client expectations; understands customer or client's needs; develops effective customer relationships; actively seeks practical solutions to address customer or client concerns; is open and responsive to customer or client feedback; demonstrates the ability to manage customer or client expectations; thinks about the impact on the customer or client during decision making; adapts to the changing needs of the customer or client.
Makes Decisions Effectively and Decisively Seeks out all relevant information in an effort to make effective decisions; makes sound decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment; recognizes trade-offs; is able to negotiate and find a balance between needs and views of many constituents; is decisive and takes action; is sought out by others for advice and solutions; consults with others affected by a proposed action prior to making a decision; uses resources wisely.
Manages Time Effectively Efficiently and effectively uses time and resources allocated to complete tasks; is punctual and meets deadlines; uses good judgment in scheduling time away from work; effectively prioritizes tasks at hand to meet expectations.