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School of Humanities and Sciences

Core Competencies

 School of Humanities and Sciences has selected the following behavioral competencies:

Accountability Delivers on commitments to achieve goals with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Takes ownership of results - good or bad. Holds others accountable for achieving results.
Clearly conveys information and ideas through various media in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
Positive Work Environment Contributes to a positive work environment where all team members are treated with dignity and respect; a safe environment that allows team members to be creative, productive, valued, and appreciated to foster positive relationships. Shares in an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, making mistakes, expressing concerns, and positioning problems as opportunities to learn together.
Positivity and Resilience Demonstrates a growth mindset - believing that individuals can learn, change and improve. Integrates new information and tries new things. Handles change well and open to new ideas. Recovers from failures and sees new opportunities for improvement. Maintains a positive attitude through difficult times.
Problem Solving Identifying problems and seeking the best solutions.