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To learn more about how you, your team, or your organization can participate in Grow and Perform at Stanford, please contact Talent Management and Workforce Strategy.

Performance Management @ Stanford and Simple Eval

Performance Management @ Stanford and Simple Eval programs phased out in December 2020 and are no longer supported. For guidance on performance management within your school/unit, contact your HR manager or representative.

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Performance management process cycle


Phase One: Align and Plan

GPS align steps: 1) goal alignment; 2) set goal; 3) goal review
  • Includes the “What” and the “How” of performance
  • Follows SMART goals methodology
  • Fosters partnership for a successful year for both the University and the employee

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Phase 2: Coach and Feedback

Infographic showing coaching and feedback timeline. 1) employee and manager check-in; 2) adjust performance and develop plans; 3) document check-in
  • Emphasizes two-way, open and frequent dialogue
  • Adjusts goals and priorities as needed
  • Delivers ongoing feedback and coaching for improvement and growth

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Phase 3: Review and Reward

Chart of review process steps: 1) write self-review; 2) review discussion; 3) close and next steps
  • Acknowledges accomplishments, gaps, and defines success for next year 
  • Includes dialogue on roadblocks employees face
  • Offers a rating scale that reflects a growth mindset and removes “threat” of personalization

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