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A female colleague and her manager on laptops in conference room

Performance Management Resources

It's about your contributions and the role you play in supporting your organization and the overall university mission.

As the university's performance management program for staff, Performance Management@Stanford provides approaches, processes, and tools to help you be your best in your career.

Our Approach

We've designed this program around three principles. We believe:

  • Development fuels excellence
    This isn't just our idea. Research shows that the key to advancing excellence and deepening job and personal satisfaction is continuous growth and development.

  • A good performance management process should be transparent, fair, and respectful
    If we are to develop as individuals and as teams, it's imperative that there be great communication and trust between all of us, and that we build good communication into our processes.

  • We want all staff, including you, to be recognized consistently across the university
    Consistency counts.

Our Goal

Through the program, our goal is to nurture a culture of excellence at Stanford. Excellence is fundamental to Stanford, and nurturing excellence among employees is fundamental to this program.

We believe that excellence:

  • Is based on continuous development, fairness, transparency, and consistency
  • Is more than just doing well or meeting expectations
  • Is about getting better, developing, growing, improving, and giving it your all every day

Your Rewards

By participating in the program, you can expect to:

  • Experience more feedback, better coaching, and a more meaningful performance review process
  • Focus more on your development and be recognized for your contributions
  • Better understand how your work connects to your organization‚Äôs goals and the university mission
  • Feel inspired, engaged, and motivated to perform at your top potential

Learn More

To learn more about how you, your team, or your organization can participate in Performance Management@Stanford, please contact us.