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Our Process

 goal setting and development planning; mid-year check in;  year-end review

Performance Management@Stanford is a continuous process, with feedback, coaching and recognition taking place throughout.  The performance year is punctuated by three phases to help maintain a focus on driving excellence through one’s contributions.

Process Detail

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the three-step process:

Goal Setting and Development Planning

  • Clarify and align team and individual goals for the performance year
  • Set clear, concrete, and connected expectations for individuals about
    results and behaviors; discuss and document the Performance Plan in the performance management e-tool or paper form
  • Discuss development opportunities and interests for the short-term
    (in position) and long-term (for career)
  • Create Development Plan and document in the performance management e-tool or paper form

Mid-year Check In

  • Solicit and provide feedback, coaching, and recognition
  • Discuss progress on Performance and Development Plans
  • Modify plans as needed to ensure they still accurately reflect expectations for performance

Year-end Review

  • As a manager, gather multi-source feedback for each direct report from their colleagues and others
  • Employee: write self-assessment, reflecting on successes and growth
  • Manager: add comments to review, identifying achievements and areas for additional development; give ratings
  • Conduct formal “no-surprises” review discussion