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Emotional Intelligence: Improving Relationships, Influence & Conflict

Research by Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence (1995) and Social Intelligence (2005), and others have proven that our ability to understand and manage emotions in the workplace is a key factor for success—more so than IQ or domain expertise. This course is designed to improve your emotional IQ at work and strengthen social skills for individual contributors, managers and leaders. Participants will learn the importance and role of emotions in communication, influence, and rapport building, as well as the value of emotional awareness, regulation and empathy.

This class introduces students to the components of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills), what they are and how they can be employed to increase professional effectiveness and deepen relationships. The course also provides a process by which one can develop these skills and employs many interactive exercises to demonstrate this process. Learning will come from a willingness to participate actively, not in a role play but as one's self, practicing social skills such as acknowledging feelings as well as the content of the message and sharing aspects of one's self to initiate and build relationships. Come prepared to engage actively and personally as learning skills takes practice. We will work in pairs and small groups to try these skills and discuss concepts in the full class.

This course has mandatory prework; you will receive the link to the prework in your enrollment confirmation from STARS.

$150 course fee. Instructors: Leslie Chin and Tiffany von Emmel, Include Leadership

This is BeWell Berry eligible.
Administrative Professional, Aspiring Leader, Financial Analyst, High Performer, Lifelong Learner, Manager, Project Manager