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Managing the Workplace

As a manager, you are responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe, healthy and productive. This section contains a range of information to help you manage the workplace.

Diverse male and female employees stretching in "downward dog" yoga pose

Supporting Employee Wellness

The health and well-being of your employees is critical to their job performance. These tips represent just a few ideas for how to cultivate wellness among your employees.

A virtual team meeting over video conference

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Many teams are finding their workplace is a mix of a physical and virtual environment. Learn about the tools your team can use to stay connected, collaborative, and productive, while upholding our mission of excellence. 

Family of employees and their daughter

Supporting Work-Life Integration

Opportunities and practices to help employees better integrate their work and personal priorities.

Maintaining a Collegial Workplace

Resources available to help you minimize the negative impact conflicts may have on your work environment.

Red first aid kit with white cross on cover

Preparing for Workplace Emergencies

Do you know what to do in case of a campus emergency or disaster? Here you'll find information on Stanford's emergency preparedness program and other ways to stay updated on campus-wide emergencies.

Yellow "Safety First road" sign against blue sky

Eliminating Workplace Hazards

Identifying and fixing workplace hazards are imperative to providing a safe environment for your employees. At Stanford, there are departments designed specifically with employee health and safety in mind.