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1. What changes have been implemented to the Staffing Services recruitment strategy?

Staffing Services implemented a new recruitment service model to optimize the overall staff recruiting process.

  • We are expanding our pipeline of qualified candidates for the Administrative Associate job series (AA2, AA3 & AA4 positions).
  • In our efforts to support your recruitment needs, we are providing behavioral interviewing tools and guidelines.
  • In Spring 2018, we will focus our efforts on developing recruitment strategies for hard to fill positions.

2. How can I request recruitment assistance for regular and temporary positions?

Submit your on-line Staffing Services Request Form.  A member of our recruitment staff will follow up with you within one business day of your submittal.

3. Can I continue to consult with Staffing Services for recruitment-related questions?

Yes, email Staffing Services for further assistance.

4. Where is my position posted? How do I obtain additional advertising assistance?

Once your position is posted to the Stanford Careers website, it will automatically post to the following: 

Jobs classified at Grade "F" and above are also posted to:

For additional recruitment options, please contact our vendor JobElephant.  Michael Ang will partner with you regarding your advertisement campaign (s) and process your payment.

5. I need assistance identifying qualified candidates outside of the administration job series. Can you help?

Yes, during our transition phase we will continue to provide recruitment assistance.  Please complete the Staffing Services Request Form.

6. How will the external recruitment vendor and I work together?

Once your request is referred to our external vendor, their recruiter will contact you to complete the following process:

  • The recruiter will perform an intake session. This session will allow the recruiter to understand the department’s unique culture and strengths needed for success with your position.

  • The recruiter and you will determine the best way to communicate each week by email or phone.

  • The recruiter will review candidate resumes and phone screen the top 3 to 6 candidates.

  • Once the screening is completed, your department will coordinate in-person candidate interviews.

  • Once you have identified a final candidate, the hiring team must complete a minimum of two professional references (one from a current or previous supervisor; two strongly preferred).

7. How long does it normally take to fill regular staff positions?

Staffing Services will coordinate with you to develop an efficient recruitment strategy.  Depending on the position, the time-to-fill can vary between three to six months. There are a few variables to consider: uniqueness of the position, candidate pool, availability of the department, etc.

8. Where can I find information about Stanford's applicant recruiting and tracking system?

Please review Stanford’s applicant recruiting and tracking system.

9. Do you offer online assessments for my candidate pool?

Yes, please review the Recruitment Services and Fees for more information.

10. How can I get assistance on defining core competencies and behavioral interview questions for my open requisition?

Submit the Staffing Services Request Form.

11. How can I receive training to enhance my behavioral interviewing skills or for members of my department? 

Contact Staffing Services to learn more about the next available behavioral interview training course. If you would like this course tailored to the needs of your department, submit the Staffing Services Request Form