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Hire Benefits-Eligible Staff

In our highly-selective recruitment program, we seek the best candidates in each field. Below are steps to assist you with the hiring process.  For further assistance, contact UHR Talent Acquisition or your local HR Team.

Partner With Your Local HR Team to Make Verbal Offer to Final Candidate and Send Offer Letter

Present a verbal offer to the final candidate. Inform the final candidate a written, contingent offer letter of employment will be extended upon acceptance of the verbal offer.

Offer letters are accessible by your local HR Team only. Contact your local HR Team to obtain the offer letter to send to your final candidate. Once the offer letter is sent, ensure your local HR Team receives the signed copy for the new hire's personnel file.

Initiate a Background Check Through Your Local HR Team

A background check (secure authentication) is required after the final candidate has accepted the contingent offer. You cannot enter a candidate into Stanford's employment system until a background check is successfully completed. Continue to work with your local HR Team to launch the background check.

Complete Candidate Disposition Data

Once the final candidate has accepted the offer, complete the mandated candidate disposition data in the applicant recruiting and tracking system. 

Enroll Your New Hire in the Cardinal At Work Welcome Center

To ensure your benefits-eligible new hire has a smooth and successful first day, the Welcome Center:

  • Provides critical start-up services all in one location: ID Badging, I-9, P&TS
  • Provides access to key systems and completion of compliance-related tasks
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness on departments
  • Enables staff to be “work-ready” on day two
  • Sets a strong cultural foundation for success
  • Instills the passion of working for Stanford

Local HR Teams play a crucial role in the successful onboarding of a new hire. Begin the experience by enrolling your new hire in the Cardinal at Work Welcome Center.  The Manager Resources section within the Welcome Center website helps guide you through the onboarding process, and will prepare your new hire for their first day at the Welcome Center.

important Note

The Welcome Center orientation occurs every Monday, except when a university holiday falls on a Monday, then orientation will move to the next business day. This is intended to be your new hire's first day of work. It is strongly advised your new hire attends the Welcome Center. If your new hire is not able to attend, they must be provided with thorough onboarding by their hiring manager and local HR Team. The HR Team Resources will also help guide you in completing all Welcome Center actions, as well as all administrative, compliance, and training-related tasks.