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Gartner (formerly CEB Corporate Leadership Council): No cost

A best-practice insight and technology company, Gartner (formerly CEB) provides tools, assessments, templates and research to assist leaders with workforce management.

As a Stanford employee, you have no-cost access to CEB's online portal of resources and best practices. Setting up an account is free and easy. To register, visit the login page and select "First Time User?" and use your Stanford email address to set up your account.

Once your account is created, you'll have access to a suite of white papers, benchmark data and other resources on a variety of management topics. In FY19, the modules are:

  • Human Resources (Corporate Leadership Council and Recruiting Leadership Council)
  • Information Technology (CEB CIO Leadership Council)
  • Marketing and Communications (Communications Leadership Council)

Membership modules may change each fiscal year. Each module includes research papers on dozens of topics, templates, and tools that are downloadable and easily used, and free webinars. 

Instructions to Sign Up

You must use your "" or "" email address to sign up for a free account; visit the Gartner membership webpage to complete the First Time User form. You'll get a confirmation email. Once logged into the website, click on the person/profile icon at top right, then click 'My Services.' You will see a list of the modules available to you. If you have previously accessed the Gartner website, access the resources by visiting the main Gartner Website